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Here are some of the most impressive, creative, original, innovative and promising applications of our products that applied for the SUREFAS Application Award.
Check out the price-winners from the past, or guarantee yourself eternal fame or at least some prizes.

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Winner 2023 Thule Outset

Project: Thule Outset, the towbar mounted car tent

The Thule Outset towbar mounted tent will elevate your outdoor experience and offer unparalleled comfort, ease of use and great accessibility. Setting the standard in a new product category means incorporating  latest level of developments in quality and functionality of critical components.

In the early stage of the design it was imperative that all crucial details of the fabric structure should be resistant to the most harsh environmental conditions. From thread to zips and thus also fasteners were carefully assessed and selected to meet these standards. “CAF-316 has clearly out-performed any alternative available on critical aspects like corrosion resistance, durability and performance.”

– Ida Aronsson, head product designer at Artex – Sweden for Thule Group

— Thule Outset

Winner 2022 Joh’s Stübben GmbH & Co. KG - Martin Ryan

Project: REV-saddle with interchangeable saddle-flaps

When tradition meets out-of-the-box design, some magic happens. Like this beautiful and smart improvement of the way saddles are used: The new saddle REVolution.

Since more than 120 years the family-owned business Stübben has combined traditional craftsmanship and experience with innovations and superior functionality. Like this unique joint development from the saddle makers Stübben in collaboration with the award-winning innovator Martin Ryan. REVolution offers ultimate comfort for both horse and rider, unique modular system supports interchangeable saddle flaps and an unbeatable fit across a wide range of wither profiles with just one saddle. Whether longer trekking rides, jumping or dressage, this saddle allows you to combine the different equestrian disciplines in just one model. More info on:

“The seat cover as well as the three different saddle flap variants in the forms trekking, jumping and dressage can be changed easily and effortlessly by means of the patented Q-SNAP fastener system. The smart and reliable fastener is the perfect choice for this application as it secures the saddle-flap while remaining flush and elegant.”

– Johannes Stübben, owner

— Joh’s Stübben GmbH & Co. KG - Martin Ryan

Winner 2021 Actronika

Project: Virtual Reality body suit

Parisian start-up Actronika, specialized in haptics, developed this innovative body suit for the ultimate Virtual Reality experience is equipped with the smart fasteners of SUREFAS. This is a real encouragement for our team to realize this application underlines that smart fasteners remain a continuous challenge and thus a future need in modern applications. More info on:

“At an early stage on this development, we found in SUREFAS a true partner to find the best fastener solution. Servicing us to search and develop smart solutions and turn that into steady supply of the right products.”

– Pierre COMOT, Chief Operating Officer

— Actronika

Winner 2020 Fritz-Segel GmbH

Project: adjustable face shield mask for Covid-19

If we learn one thing from these crazy Covid-19 times: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. With pride we announce this project of ‘medical face shield’ to be the undoubtful winner of this year’s SUREFAS Application Award. Congratulations to the teams behind Fritz-Segel GmbH and Lindemann KG in Germany. At SUREFAS, we are so proud to be part of another great solution again.

“Like many other industries or quality standards, medical applications increasingly raise the requirement specs to the use of stainless steel. And when a snap need to be of stainless steel, CAF-316 has the only right configuration that live up to the quality standards and expectations. Like in this Covid-19 crisis, these adjustable face shield masks are made with CAF-316. We support our clients to push creativity and perseverance to help overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

— Fritz-Segel GmbH

Winner 2019 Odder Barnevognsfabrik A/S

Project: smart bag solution on baby stroller

Odder Barnevfabrik is the only remaining stroller factory in Denmark. Every day, their faithful staff strives to unite tradition and innovation in the effort to make the world’s best strollers for families with children, daycare providers and institutions across the country.

Although more than 90 years have passed since the first Odder strollers saw the light of day, we still develop and manufacture our strollers based on the philosophy that started it all – focus on comfort, quality, design and safety.

“Only the best is good enough. We test all our wagons in accordance with the applicable common European safety standard EN 1888, which ensures that we comply with the Safety Authority’s safety requirements for strollers. We make every effort to meet the requirements, so that the carriages are both safety-safe and practically usable. And this is exactly where PERFIX kicks in as a smart and quality fastener solution that ensures a safe and practical use of our products.”

— Odder Barnevognsfabrik A/S

Winner 2018 Geck Head Gear ltd.

Project: all-weather protection helmet

Gecko Head Gear is specialized in handmade marine rescue and watersports helmets

For over twenty years experience in custom making watersports helmets for surfers, sailors, kayakers and more, including providing protective head gear for professional athletes including big wave surfer Al Mennie.

Gecko’s marine safety helmets are used by rescue organisations worldwide, including the RNLI, Police, RAF and Coastguards.

Experience with CAF-316:
“To select the parts we use in our high-quality products, we always test to the limits. Likewise with the snaps we use. After several tests in extreme sea-water conditions for several months, these CAF-316 simply came out as the only ones shiny. And more important, with the same open action as before the test. This is something we can rely on. Even better, SUREFAS proved to be a stable supplier with capability for customized parts. Resulting to be the only supplier of Black-oxide snaps in 316 stainless steel in the world.”

– Jake Sacree, owner and product development

— Geck Head Gear ltd.

Winner 2017 Infina sunshade - by Umbrosa

Project: Design sunshade umbrella Infina-line

Based out of Belgium, Umbrosa’s products are aknowledged worldwide for their intelligent elegance: Unique Shade Design. Beautiful examples of what fabric can do.

The Infina collection stands for rest and simplicity. Without the busy knot of ribs and visible frame, the Infina is a real gem of pure aesthetics. The visually very soothing effect provides a clean design, which throws overboard all ballast of the classic center-pole umbrella. The Infina parasol combines a minimalistic design with maximum performance in terms of wind-resistance. And here is where SUREFAS product CAF-316 come in: reliable performance over time, use and condition.

— Infina sunshade - by Umbrosa

Winner 2016 Schokker Sailmakers, Volendam, NL

Project: easy release strap

Integrating the Q-SNAP system into a regular strap-application provides best of both worlds and gives the ultimate user-experience: easy adjustable strap with a quick release.

The Q-snap cap and socket is mounted in any type of webbing of the adjustable strap. Fixing that onto the q-stud makes sure the strap holds even heavy tension from one direction. The quick-release and lever function offer the user a help to overcome that tension force.

Smart combination of elements solving a well-known problem.

– Frans Keizer, owner and sailmaker

— Schokker Sailmakers, Volendam, NL

Winner 2015 Urban Arrow - AGU

Rain tent for cargo bike

The prestigious Urban Arrow claims to fulfill any urban mobility need. Especially for families with small children can enjoy the high quality electric cargo bike to cruise the city-life.

In the design of the rain tent and tonne-cover user-friendliness was key. Q-SNAP and CAF-316 ensure a flawless and pleasant user-experience as any mother or child can close the tent. The obvious outdoor conditions require the superior quality for snaps of the CAF-316 line.

— Urban Arrow - AGU

Winner 2014 SKALT, height acces solutions

Project: click-on click-off bag system for height-access harnesses

Bringing the right equipment or supplies with is one thing. To bring it with you while climbing for pleasure or job is something else.

By integrating perfix as a safe and secure solution one can easily click on the right type of bag for the job.


— SKALT, height acces solutions